Company: Our company is set up about 17 years ago, being one of the first aerial crop dusting companies in Romania, by previous pilots: Zama Ion,Tudor Ion,Enache Mircea which have managed to develop it from a period of time when agriculture and aviation was at their basis, to a moment of agriculture growth, when farmers/ state administrations have realized and understood the need of crop dusting and use different means in order to develop and protect their industry. SC Zibet Exim is well known as a serious company, reliable, efficient and affordable, one of the more prosper businesses in the area.




Zibet Exim

Mission statement: we exist for the clients and the clients exist for us; there is nothing in the field of aerial crop dusting that we cannot do and no one or nothing can stop us for minimizing hazards and optimizing results; we are planning to develop the company, but also the business, in order that we become number one in the field of crop dusting in Romania and that we change the perception of it, so that everyone in the agricultural farming or state administrations to understand that aerial spraying is beneficial and imminent, too.

We are in the business of crop dusting, service that helps farmers keep their fields’ pest free by using crop dusting airplanes to spray insecticides and herbicides on the fields. For more than 17 years, SC Zibet Exim SRL has been serving private and public entities in Romania with aviation and aerial application services. As client needs have increased and changed, we added services and expanded our fleet and crew. As a full-service aviation company, we offer:

  • Herbicide and pest control through pesticide treatment in agriculture
  • Fertilization
  • Control of Mosquitoes & Other Pests
  • Aerial Surveys
  • Firefighting & Fire Control
  • Forest Protection

In the following years, due to the general international trend for environment and health protection, the industry will change, so that both farmers/state administrations, but also the companies that activate in the crop dusting industry will have to be very careful in following some precise formalities as far as pesticides and chemicals is used; because of that, our company will be actively involved in drawing lines on the criteria of modern working following international environment needs, by using equipment of latest technologies in the field.